Stars and Stripes Academy

The Nation's Premier Training Forum for College Officials

On-site Evaluators

The role of the on-site evaluators is to give detailed feedback to the officials immediately after coming off the field from a game. Since the other evaluators are traveling back and forth between game sites and ma...   READ MORE 

Video Evaluators

The video evaluator's job is to "grade" video for an assigned crew and thereby score the performance of that crew.  The grading of the first game (Friday night) should be instructional, with the video evaluator breaking down...   READ MORE


The logistics staff is comprised of officials with a wide range of officiating expertise/experience.  There are those with no college experience, and those who officiate in FCS and FBS conferences.  Regardless of officiating...   READ MORE 

Invited Guests

College Coordinators have been invited to attend SASA and they may circulate between position meetings, classrooms, and game locations. READ MORE

Position Trainers

The position trainer is the expert and ultimate authority (as far as SASA is concerned) regarding the details of his position.  His job is to prepare clear and detailed training regarding mechanics, philosophies, judgment,...   READ MORE


​​The mentor is the father figure for his crew.  His job is to bring the crew together, teach them what it means to be a "big time" D-1 crew, help them work together, communicate, study, prepare and do all the things...    READ MORE

Karl Richins

Karl is the father of this Academy. He has influenced countless young men and women to become the best football officials possible. His whole goal, is to make you better...   READ MORE

2017 Stars and Stripes Academy Staff

The Staff we have comprised at SASA is one of the best, if not the best, in the country. Collectively, our staff have over 250 years of Division 1 officiating experience and have worked over a dozen National Championships.